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•   HEPD in the news of NRC KI - PNPI.
•   News from CERN: "Crystal cleans the LHC bundle".
•   Observation by LHCB new double charm baryons.
•   New observations of lepton non-universality, by LHCB.
•   The first indication of the effects of the strongest magnetic fields in collisions of ultrarelativistic nuclei by the ALICE collaboration at the LHC.
•   The latest news about the Higgs boson:
        •   At   CERN   and   on TV:    NTV-SPb .
        •   Discovery   of   the   Higgs   boson   in   ATLAS   and   CMS
                  ( Articles in the public domain! )
•   The latest news about the opening of rare decays of B-mesons
     experiments LHCb and CMS.
•   UA9: Channeling using bent crystals at the LHC!!
•   News of experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) :
     ATLAS,   CMS,   LHCb,   ALICE.
•   The conference   "LHC physics"   (LHCP`2015)   will   be   held   in
     St. Petersburg.
•   High precision measurement of the energy of electron capture
    in holmium-163
•   Admission to postgraduate studies in the specialty 01.04.16 "Physics of
    the atomic nucleus and elementary particles" is open.
•   Grants of   RSF.
•  "Scientific environments", July 20, 2017 :  
        •  Muon studies of matter in PNPI (page 12)
        •  A new experiment to measure the radius of a proton (page 12)
        •  Investigation of rare nuclei with ion traps on PIC (page 13)
•  "Scientific environments", 30.10.2018: :  
    •   The adorable relatives of the proton (page 13)  
•   Announcements   HEPD.

High Energy Physics Division (HEPD) of   B.P.Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute of National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute» (PNPI of NRC «Kurchatov Institute») is located at Gatchina, a suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia.

HEPD total staff:   222 employees.
HEPD main accelerator facility: 1 GeV proton synchrocyclotron.

The HEPD history, along with the whole PNPI history, started within the precincts of the Leningrad Physical-Technical Institute (LPTI, *Our alma mater*) long before the official birthday of B.P.Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute.

HEPD events
2021 - RESULTS
Report Fedin O.L.
of the Head of HEPD
Main scientific results
Important work HEPD
"PNPI HEPD 2013-2018 "
High Energy Physics Division PNPI. Main scientific activities.
Contest results
"Best work PNPI NRC KI "
54-th Winter School
10 – 15 March 2020.
Scientific Session
of   H  E  P  D 
Presentation Vasilyev A.A.
The PROTON experiment.
"Precision measurement of the proton charge radius with elastic scattering of an electron
by a proton."

More see in article (page 316):
"Project for precision measurement of the proton charge radius in an electron-proton scattering experiment".
Books from the series
"Pages of History"
"High Energy Physics Division PNPI. Main scientific activities."
"The international cooperation
(history of development)"
- Report Vorobyov A.A.
on Inaugural Meeting

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